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Elon Musk

Elon Musk is considered as the Iron Man of our era thanks to one of his dreams change the world and, surprisingly, he is doing it. Musk was born in South Africa on June 28, 1971. At age 12 he learn to code in BASIC, made his first videogame and sold it for $500. In 1988 he moved to Canada, started to work and entered to the University of Ontario. Later he moved the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a double degree in physics and economics. In 1994, he left his PhD in physics after two days and focus solely in his passion, entrepreneurship.


At 24, he founded Zip2 with his brother and $28,000 USD from his dad. A year later gets his first investment of 3 million dollars and, thanks to the board of directors, he becomes the CTO; three years later, his company was sold for 22 million dollars.


With the money he got by selling Zip2, Elon founded his second company X.com, which offered online banking services. In the year 2000, X.com and Confinity join forces to create PayPal. Even though he was no longer the CEO of PayPal, he continued to invest in that company. In October 2002, PayPal was sold to eBay and Musk received 250 million dollars.


While working at PayPal, Elon Musk got very interested in space, to the point where he traveled to Russia to buy a rocket and send it to Mars. Unfortunately, the negotiations were unsuccessful and in 2002 he decided to start his own aerospace company SpaceX with his own money. This company will aim to build the next generation of much cheaper space shuttles. In 2008 got a contract with NASA to provide the new space shuttle for 1.6 million dollars.


In 2004 he meets the founders of Tesla Motors, a company that specializes in the manufacture of electric cars, and invest in it. After that, he became the CEO and product architect. In 2009, he presents the star brand's car, Tesla S, and three years later a presents his SUV, Tesla X. In 2016, Tesla presents his third more economic car, Tesla E, a high production affordable car.

Other projects

Recalling his goal to change the world, he became the first investor of SolarCity, an energy provider company. In 2013, he published his project Hyperloop, a super high-speed rail. In 2015, Tesla Motors launched the PowerWall, a device capable to save household electrical expenses. As a complementary part of Tesla, in 2017 is expected to begin the production of lithium batteries in the Gigafactory


Throughout his entrepreneurship life, Elon Musk has had ups and downs, and even with the many obstacles he had, he never gave up.


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